Always innovating and driven by the idea of creating strong AND lightweight holds, we decided not only to produce in polyurethane but to go one step. HRT’s cutting edge research and design team came up with another new technology: Composite Holds. By making our PU holds with a hollow back, we reduce the hold’s weight by up to one-fifth of the original weight while still maintaining the

same incredible strength. As a result, our Composite holds are the lightest and strongest climbing holds the world has ever seen.

The feel and durability are still impressive thanks to SURFACE HARDENING



We at HRT are very concerned about Global Warming and believe that our Composite holds technology is a tribute to the common desire to use fewer natural resources while minimizing carbon emissions. By using one-fifth of the material required for the original holds while providing the most durable holds on the market, HRT is doing its part to save the environment.