Our friends about us

Chris Charma:

I love challenges and one of the reasons I enjoy indoor climbing is the ability to set different climbing routes with varying levels of difficulty. The added value of a route depends on the selected set of holds. Since I first climbed on some of the HRT holds, I would probably rate them as some of the best holds currently being produced in the world and would definitely recommend them to gym owners.

Not only do they have a nearly unlimited number of design and color combinations, but HRT always manages to launch a brand new concept that completely turns the industry on its head. I was very impressed by their White holds range, but right now I honestly cannot wait for the launch of HRT Light holds, which will totally change the way route setting is perceived. I’ve already seen the prototype, which allows a user to illuminate the holds in any pattern they'd like. I am a hundred percent sure that this will be the future of climbing holds!


We have been using HRT holds for many years. The quality and durability of the holds is very good and noticeable - especially in continuous use. We are mounting over 700 routes each year - and this is a real stress test for all holds. During this usage the HRT holds are constantly at the top, and when it comes to Shapes and Variety there is absolutely no compromise there as well !”

Georg Hoffmann (Geschaftsfuhrer), Kletterzentrum Stuttgart, Germany 


"The climbing holds of HRT are works of art at the climbing wall and they enrich any kind of wall structure. No matter how steep it is or if holds for kids are needed. The Climbing Center Imst relies on HRT holds and their range is constantly expanding. That is the most important thing, never being passive and always offering something new to the climbers and customers in the hall. And this is what HRT does. 
The innovations, which HRT supplies to the climbing sport are unique! 
The shapes of the holds are managed very well and the variety for the route setters is enormous. Whether small or large holds, there are hundreds of choices and HRT knows no boundaries. "

Andreas Knabl, Kletterzentrum IMST, Austria, 


We just added 3500 holds to our hold pool this week selected from all the main suppliers. We laid them all out over the climbing floor and every single person picked the HRT holds as their favourite!
Really good job boys !

Paul Ackland, High Sports Group, UK


"The "Vertical" climbing gym is very satisfied with the climbing holds of the company HRT! 
Above all the large variety of holds, the bright colors and the super grip surface are giving us a lot of joy! 
Moreover, until now we have zero broken holds."

Hannes Mantinger, Vertical climbing gym, Italy 


"In our climbing center, in Kaufbeuren, we are using the HRT holds with extreme pleasure!

We strive constantly to equip our climbing tower and the two-floor indoor bouldering hall with new routes and bouldering atractions, so that all who come to us are able to satisfy their vertical aspirations and their individual challenges, whether in the ambitious sport or in the therapeutic climbing for children. In particular series such as "Swiss gneiss", "Smoothies", "Pleasuremax" or "Urban", thanks to their innovative and ergonomic shapes are good for beginners and also for advanced climbers and therefore play an important role for building our routes. 

"HRT" offers a wide range of climbing holds, which combine the essential criteria for a good acceptance of our visitors, namely: durability, rough surface texture, a modern design as well as open and finger friendly shapes, which are reducing the risk of injury to the body and skin. 

The route setters are happy to see that single sized bolts are suitable for most of the holds and also the bolt hole is suitable for both countersunk and for cylinder/cap head bolts, thereby improves handling considerably.  
For us it is important to have the holds in a variety of colors and color combinations, e.g. Volcano Colors, a mix of three different selectable colors, dense network of climbing routes can be created - and of course a great price-performance ratio can be carried out. 

The great personal contact with the young guys from "HRT" is for us another reason to order again and again from the Bulgarian “holds-forge”. "

Andreas Lind , 


"HRT supplied us with a custom colour circuit for our childrens climbing. The animal shapes have the children enthralled and make for good climbing games, the colours are vibrant and the texture is a perfect balance between grip and skin friendly.The holds are standing up well to heavy use and clean up nicely. Additionally the customer service was great and delivery rapid,

I will buy from HRT again."

Gearoid MacDomhnaill / GED MAC, Managing Director, The Climbing Hangar, United Kingdom www.theclimbinghangar.com


"We in the climbing gym in Salzburg are always happy with the deliveries of HRT climbing holds! Since unpacking - to the mounting and climbing, the holds are a lot of fun! The Good quality and the various forms make the HRT products stand out "

Stefan Schondorfer, Geschaftsfuhrer, Kletterhalle Salzburg, Austria 


"Principally what we appreciate the most from HRT holds is the variety of shapes or models and quality of the design itself.
We've got 800 m2 of climbing surface and there aren't two HRT Holds identical and our customers love the design and the skin friendly friction.

For us in The Climb HRT is a standard."

Unai Martinez, Manager/Main Routesetter, The Climb, Spain 


"Hello wonderful people at Waltopia and HRT holds!

I have been involved with indoor climbing for over 30 years and I have seen walls change from basic brick structures to awe inspiring modern facilities. Since running my own wall I have been looking for the next revolution to happen in technology for indoor climbing. HRT holds and Walltopia are the future of indoor climbing, the designs of their walls and the innovative ideas for holds and textures leaves the other hold manufacturers well and truly left behind. HRT holds are perfect for the climber and wall owner alike with good, varied design and refreshing texture and features. I would recommend to any wall owner, route setter or home wall climber to check out the HRT range and prepare to climb into the future!

Robbie Warke, Managing Director, Dart Rock Climbing Centre, UK


"We are using the HRT climbing holds for some time and we are very happy with them. The interesting shapes and technically innovative solutions make HRT one of my favorite manufacturers. We are very excited about their new and innovative products!"

Jonathan Kottlors (Route-setting manager Eiger Nord Freiburg)