WHITE holds


White holds is the perfect way to take use of and enjoy the biggest range of climbing holds in the world- HRT. Now you won't have to buy each of the magnificent sets in different colors in order to use them in numerous routes.

You can do that only by having the WHITE version of the desired set and after that – color every single hold in any color that suits your route-setting.

On every hold there are 1 to 5 flat spots, on which the color stickers are placed.

On the other hand your wall will look neat and stylish, and the color sports on the holds will be much more easy to see when placed within white background.


The removable color stickers for the WHITE holds are supplied together with each set.


Using HRT WHITE holds will add to your work advantages like :

  • enjoy in an optimal way the huge range of HRT shapes in all colors, using just one “copy” of each hold

  • clean, simple and at the same time - stylish look of your wall.

  • easier and cheaper management and storage of the holds, because only a hold will be enough to fully cover the color range that you use in your gym