HRT has created a huge number of climbing volumes ( features ) made of various materials: GRP, plywood, polyester, CompozIT, Rocktopia. Some of the GRP volumes are grouped in sets of 4-6 pcs. A great advantage is, that the plywood volumes PyramIT have the BOLT-ON option available. It allows the surface of the climbing wall to be safe from screw holes when mounting and the relocation of the volumes is much more easy. **Cleaning the volumes can only be done the old-fashioned way - brushing - as other methods are unsuitable for this type of materials.

  • GRP volumes

    GRP volumes

  • pyramit-plywood


  • pyramit-grp


  • Pyramit-PU hollowback

    Pyramit-PU hollowback

  • GIGA holds

    GIGA holds

  • rockit volumes

    rockit volumes

  • Polyester volumes

    Polyester volumes